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PA - Gabriel Evans by napprs PA - Gabriel Evans by napprs

edit: changed his age and added an accessory 
this was basically just a revamp woo 

: Gabriel Evans

Age: 18 yrs old

Gender: Male

Species: Slakoth

Birthday: February 9th, 1996

Job: Cook

Weapon: Frying Pan

Nature: Lax

Summary Characteristic: Often dozes off

Ability: Truant

:iconnormaltypeplz: Yawn
:icondarktypeplz: Feint Attack
:iconnormaltypeplz: Chip Away
:iconfightingtypeplz: Power-Up Punch

History: Gabriel grew up as an only child, living with his single mother. When he was at a very young age, Gabriel's father walked out on them and never came back, leaving his mother to take care of him all by herself. Once Gabriel got old enough, he had to begin helping his mother around and outside the house, due to the lack of help. However, despite the 'daddy' incident, Gabriel's mother didn't let it get her down, never stressing over things and sticking to a positive attitude. To Gabriel, she was his top role model, taking on her attitude and way of life. His mother would always tell him not to get worked up over things and look onward to the good in life, do what he loves and don't let anyone else drag him down. However, this relaxed and lazy attitude didn't help him much during his school days.
His laziness caused Gabriel to almost fail in most of his classes, from elementary to highschool, by either not paying attention or just taking his time to just 'chill', as he would call it. He never felt the need to do work or projects, which of course wasn't good for his grades. However, there was one class that he always got straight A's in during every semester: cooking class. Something about the culinary arts just sparked his interest, loving to cook and make food for others. Taking these classes ended up helping out his mother at home, too, being able to make dinner for himself and her. Besides the terrible grades, Gabriel got into no other trouble at school. Gabriel never had any trouble with the kids or bullies, shockingly enough, despite his small size and odd outlook on life. Kids either just acknowledged his existence or wanted to befriend the little guy. Sometimes kids would even see Gabriel piggy backing on another kid to his next class.
Eventually, his life turned for the worst. Gabriel's mom grew terribly ill, so sick to the point she could barely move from her bed. He could be lazy at school, he could be lazy with his firneds, but he always left that act by the door when it came to his mother or home. Gabriel never slacked off when it came to housework and taking care of his mother. Everything was left up to him at this point: making breakfast, washing the dishes, vacuuming, scrubing the toilet, and many many more chores after that.  After his mother became sick, and mixed along with the fact he's an only child, Gabriel became almost desperate to make friends and socialize more often since he didn't have that at home. He saught company, which happened rather quickly, thankfully...
One day, after Gabriel came home from hanging out with some new friends, he was traumatized to find his mother motionless in bed. Without hesitation, he had called an ambulence to bring her to the nearest hospital... which happened to be in Goldenrod. The outbreak soon occurred, and after finding out about the undead disease, Gabriel HAD to find his mother. He made his way into the city of Goldenrod, but at this point, he knew it was too late for his mother... and too late to escape. 
However, there was no way he was gonna give up, not just yet.
He wasn't going to let his mother down.

Personality: Gabriel is a very friendly pokemon, having a very laid back attitude and tending to be really positive despite the circumstances. He has this weird outlook on life... which is rather pleasant to hear about during a zombie apocalypse. This Slakoth loves the company of others, being one to socialize, but not one to talk your ear off. Unlike his species, Gabriel doesn't sleep all the time or walk extremely slow, but he does indeed pace himself. Despite being very relaxed and lazy sometimes, he can have a rather nasty temper, so it'd be wise not to do anything to enrage him. Gabriel is also rather selfless, thinking more about others than himself. He's someone to go to whenever you need to get something off your chest, he's there to listen. If he gets to know you enough, he'll definitely be sure to tell you how great of a pokemon you are, being one to enjoy seeing others pleased or happy.

Hobbies: Gabriel loves cooking and baking, those are really the only things he does as a hobby that doesn't include him slacking off.

Likes and dislikes: Gabriel likes cooking, baking, conversating with others, trees, hammocks, night lights, blankets, piggy back rides, and soothing music.
Gabriel dislikes pokemon who argue, dirt, pokemon who talk shit about his cooking, pokemon who sneeze without covering their face, plastic bags, socks, and shoes.

- Don't sneak up on him, it scares the hell out of the poor guy.
- If Gabriel's sleeping, don't wake him up, that makes him very angry.
- He can't run. Don't tell him to run. That's rude.
- If you're in a situation with Gabriel that you HAVE to run, simply pick him up and carry him. He's light and hangs on pretty tight.
- He makes a neat backpack if you let him hang on your back.
- Gabriel can of course be lazy with a lot of things, however he won't procrastinate if depended highly on doing a certain task.
**- Despite the two large claws on his paws, he's capable of picking things up and using different kinds of daily items. Gabriel has an apposable thumb on each paw that helps him accessable to more things. Also, his claws can move at the base of his paws.
- Sometimes Gabriel is slow at reacting to most things, so if you tell a joke, wait a few moments for him to laugh about it.
- Some may say Gabriel is made of steel, he almost never cries or gets overly upset about something.
- Being that his mother meant the world to him, he may sometimes quote her depending on the situation.
- Gabriel will tend to ask for assistance in grabbing things from high places for him. Thanks for helping the shorty.
- Complimenting Gabriel over anything seriously makes his day. It makes him feel really good and he'll be sure to show much appreciation for it... maybe through cooking.
**- Gabriel has a very VERY special nickname, given by his mother. If you become close enough to him... he may tell you it and may let you address him with said name.

Height: 3"7
Weight: 52 lb.
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