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PA - Milo Ashford by napprs PA - Milo Ashford by napprs

updated his app oooooo

: Milo Ashford

Age: 20 yrs old

Gender: Male

Species: Drifloon

Birthday: July 18th, 1994

Job: Thief

Weapon: Helium Tank

Nature: Modest

Summary Characteristic: Highly curious

Ability: Aftermath

:iconghosttypeplz: Ominous Wind 
:iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind 
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic
:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic

History: Milo was never one to really communicate with people, especially his own family. He grew up with his mother, father, two brothers and sister. Unlike him, his siblings were more outgoing and expressive of themselves. His father looked at his children like gems, hoping they'd grow up successful... and of course, Milo was his least favorite. When it came to school, Milo was flunking his grades and constantly getting in trouble for leaving school during the middle of the day. He disliked the roar of the children and the way they'd act, rowdy and rough. To get away from the children, he'd leave school and simply... wander or float away. It wasn't like he was shy, but just preferred being by himself most of the time. The last straw was drawn when Milo left school and wasn't found until hours later, toggling with gizmos and gadgets in a nearby junkyard. His mother pulled him out of school and ended up homeschooling him, since his father would be out at work and his siblings would be in public school.
As he continued growing up, he grew more and more distant from his family. His father practically gave up on him during this point, not even considering Milo his own child. His mother held on, however, still watching over the Drifloon and taking care of him. His siblings had mixed feelings about their brother, most times feeling pretty much neutral with him. Almost always he was out of the house, exploring the outside world for hours on end, pondering the enviornments he'd stumble through and trying to find knick knacks and objects he could simply examine and play with.
Eventually, he felt his time to leave his home soon came. His mother was brought to tears seeing her son leave, whilst the rest of his family sort of shrugged it off. Milo drifted off to find a new place to stay, searching for some place that could perk his curiousity... and the hell of Goldenrod was just the place...

Personality: Milo is overall a very quiet and timid pokemon. He tends to keep to himself and do what he has to do. Normally when encountering other pokemon, he could be perceived as "odd" due to his lack of experience with socializing. Sadly because of this, he can be rather gullible. However, he can be very stealthy, hiding and traveling quietly. 

Hobbies: Milo enjoys just finding objects he stumbles upon and inspect them, seeing how they work. He also enjoys reading and writing.

Likes and dislikes: Milo enjoys reading, writing, exploration, flying, windy days, clouds, and soft things.
Milo dislikes sharp objects, thunderstorms, loud noises, and conflicts with others.

- For some reason, he enjoys the sound of balloons popping,,
- Don't be offended if you're speaking and mid sentence he suddenly just... drifts away. Sometimes he can't help where the wind pushes him.
**- Shockingly, his skin isn't made of a rubber or anything,,, but just regular skin. Despite that, his body is still mostly filled with air. Anatomy wise, he does have a skeletal system and certain organs, but the air that makes up most of his inner structure practically replaces "muscles", thus his special attack moveset and his extremely light weight.
- His hair is basically a cloud, so some parts of it will break off and float away.
- You'll often find this fellow staring off into nothing. He zones out from time to time.
- Sarcasm only confuses this poor pokemon, so it'd be nice to avoid using it around him.
- When he yawns, sometimes if it's quiet enough, you'll hear a faint deflating sound,,,
- Although he can get carried away by the wind, Milo is capable of floating/flying manually on his own.
- Don't get frightened if you see him stop breathing whether it be in his sleep or if he's standing still, because well, you know.

Height: 5"5
Weight: 80 lb.

Theme song: Coldplay - Talk
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